At Becker's Fabrication, we believe that it is our employees that make us different from all of the other printers out there.   Our dedicated work force has an average tenure over 15 years with many folks working for us from the very beginning.    We take pride in each and every label, membrane switch, sticker, overlay, coffee wrap or item that we make.    We know that it is our finished product that represents your quality and we want it to be perfect every time. 


We are competitive with our domestic manufacturing for several reasons: 

  • Automation - We have invested heavily in automatic equipment. Our printers can run "lights out" as can our numerically controlled cutting equipment. We operate production for 5:00am to 1:30pm. At 1:15pm we set up our automated equipment to run, sans operators, until the early evening. Our "No Labor" approach is the way we beat Low Labor Cost Countries.

  • Cross Training - Almost every employee can operate in a different department. Why? For new ideas in efficiency, faster labor and control of vacation/sick schedules. Our efficiency equals lower costs to you. Lower costs to you mean more business for us. That is a "win win" and that is our goal.

  • Material usage - We work tirelessly to make sure we have the lowest material costs in the industry along with intelligent usage. We can control the printing on a much larger sheet than what is done in Chinese factories. We make more parts per employee giving us a cost advantage.

Of course we cannot fully compete with China...yet.     Chinese Labor is demanding higher wages and more benefits.   This is increasing the costs in China dramatically.  Off-shore manufacturing coming back to the states has been in the news over the last few years.   We are proud to be part of the trend.   We have successfully brought back many programs as we have found ways to produce them domestically at a cost that is only slightly higher than what is offered from China.


With our intentions known regarding domestic manufacturing, it is important to know that we have and do source parts in China when it is what the customer requires.    We understand that many of our customers have purchasing goals that include a percentage required to be sourced in a Low Labor Cost County.    We also know there are parts that are so laborious that we do not have the ability to automate the production.     Our partner factory is a reliable and we work tirelessly on communication and quality.    We QC these parts domestically and assure that they are as good as what we can produce internally.   While we cannot control the world economy, we can continue to focus our efforts on being competitive for our employees and their families.

Talk to us about your project and the advantages of domestic production over our Asian sources.    Lead time, quality control, material assurance and stability are all factors.    We understand that not all project are alike.   Let's start the conversation.