At Becker's, we have multiple methods to finish your labels so that they not only meet your requirements, but offer them to you in the form most useful to your manufacturing at a very attractive cost.  

Below are pictures and videos of some of our equipment.   Please give us a call with any questions.


The D&K Laminator / Separator allows for automatic lamination of either a laminate or the adhesive on the backside.   It's fast set up times and hands free operation means that we can have a single operator monitor the unit while performing other tasks.  


The Sakurai press runs up to 3600 sheets an hour.   Comparing this to an average screen printer at 1500 sheets a day and you can see why Becker's believes in investing in automation.

Our Sheeter/Stacker allows for individually cut and stacked labels at an incredibly affordable price.   Printing these with flexography is fast and efficient.

The Kongsberg digital knife cutter allows us to cut a wide array of materials without you having to pay for tooling.   This sheet fed cutting machine can run through breaks/lunches and at night unattended allowing for very low labor cost content.

Our 60" wide AGL laminator allows for clean, heated, laminations.   This dovetails nicely with our roll to roll printing.   We print "lights out", laminate "lights out" and cut "lights out" with very little labor content.

Our Afinia printing and finishing system uses Memjet technology to quickly print and fabricate short run labels all in one process on a wide variety of materials.

The HP Indigo 5600 is the top of the line digital press for sheet printing.   This is the jewel in our crown of giving our customers outstanding print quality in an incredibly fast and efficient process.

The Rotoflex inspection and re-rolling machine is the top of the line method for making sure your roll labels are exactly what you expect them to be.