Hot Stamp printing is a process that uses a heated die to selectively laminate colored film to a substrate.  Roll labels are created very cost effectively with exceptional consistency and very attractive pricing.   Becker's uses hot stamping for a variety of purposes to create the look that you desire.   The process is also very effective for bar coding or other variable print requirements.   Hot stamp printing is a repeatable, automated process that results in professional looking custom labels and graphics produced here in Southern California.

One of the greatest benefits of Hot Stamp printing is the ability to run the equipment unattended.   This, along with several other automated processes at Becker's, allows us to offer our customers outstanding prices.   Labor is one of the biggest expenses for a US based manufacturer.  By reducing the label content in our products, we reduce or costs and prices.

In 2015, Becker's purchased the best hot stamp machine available when we acquired the NewFoil 5500 Servo.     This machines allows run rates of up to 18,000 impressions an hour.    We knew this was going to speed us up, but had no idea that it can truly run that quickly.   This machine has brought Becker's into 21st Century with style and efficiency.

Click the pictures to the side for videos of this impressive machine.

(CLICK FOR VIDEO) NewFoil 5500 Servo running 18,000 impressions an hour.