Becker's Can produce any variable data label in a durable format that will withstand harsh cleaning.



Printing Variable Data is not only becoming more cost effective, it is becoming expected by your customers and consumers in general.   

In the era of the smartphone, we are seeing QR-Codes in our daily lives.  QR-Codes are used to link to reference manuals, safety data, website marketing and other web based information pages.  Companies can track QR-Code usage from the landing page and know that their product has been seen.

Becker's understands that the future will be in fully customizable, change "on the fly" variable data printing and has invested in the equipment to be able to produce bar codes, serial numbers as well as variable image printing.

Variable Data can be used for: 

  • Bar codes
  • Data Matrix / 2D Barcodes / most formats
  • Serial Numbers
  • Dates
  • "Ganging" jobs
  • Multiple colors of the the same part. 

Bar code labels can be produced in strips, digitally printed as roll labels or very cost effectively using a variable hot stamp printing process.


Need a more durable option than what a typical Zebra, Brady or Sato priniter can provide?   We can provide you with any format of bar code (data matrix / 2D / Code 39 etc.) in a laminated format that will withstand most chemical cleaning agents.   These roll label or label strips can be done very economically.   Having the durable bar code labels on your product not only assures years of compliance, it also keeps the unit looking professional.  

Contact us today to discuss your needs for durable bar code labels, durable data matrix labels, laminated bar code labels, laminated data matrix labels or any variation you may need.