At Becker's Fabrication we know that getting products to market is how you grow your business.   We have invested in equipment to make sure we can produce short runs quickly with as little tooling as possible.  The most critical aspect of getting prototypes quickly is to get us involved early.   Call us NOW and we can start the conversation - 714-692-1600.

Digital Cutting for Fit Assurance and Fast Prototyping

Digital Cutting for Fit Assurance and Fast Prototyping

Becker’s Fabrication and its employees will do everything we can to get your parts to you quickly.   We do this knowing that getting the parts when we commit to while still assuring they meet your specification is our goal.   We hope that you give us the chance to show you just how nimble we can be.  Call us now at 714-692-1600.


Labels can be produced in as little as a day if the conditions are right.   We do this far more than we should advertise, but it is a testament to the ability of our employees to accommodate what is needed.

  • Sheets or rolls

  • Full Coverage Adhesive or selective

  • Digitally Printed or screen printed

  • Various Laminates (Gloss/Semi/Textured)

  • Standard label stocks are faster, but our suppliers are excellent at getting us what we need.

Membrane Switches 

Switches take a little longer due to their complexity, but they can be made in as little as two weeks depending on the design.

  • Stainless steel dome designs are fastest to produce.

  • Polydome designs are available

  • Digitally printed or screen printed graphics available.

  • Embedded LEDs.

  • See our page on Membrane Switches for further information.

Digital Roll Labels

Our Afinia printing system is prefect for shorter runs of typical "flexo" labels.

Lets get started - Call us at 714-692-1600.