Our Commitment

Mark Becker and David Beilfuss are very proud of Becker’s Fabrication and our employees. We perform strongly in the marketplace and continue to grow in customer satisfaction, revenue and overall performance metrics. We believe the following will help us continue our success far into the future:

Commitment to our Employees

Simply put, we can’t make our customers happy if our employees are not happy. While we cannot control life’s circumstances, we can make sure that our employees know that they are valued, have a steady paycheck, and an employer who values their time and efforts. We have an amazing crew who are committed to us and we are committed to them by offering:

  • “Living Wages”

  • 100% paid healthcare

  • Above average Vacation benefits

  • A “Family First” policy that guides our decisions. We work to live and provide for our families. Sometimes that means work needs to come second.

Commitment to the environment

We use a lot of plastic and generate plastic waste. We continue to work to find methods to limit the amount that does not go into useful parts. While plastics are the heart of our business, we can make great strides elsewhere. Energy is our latest focus and we believe solar energy not only saves us money, but is the right thing to do in Sunny Southern California.

  • 95,000 kWh- That is the number of kilowatt hours our solar system is rated to generate on a conservative estimate

  • 284 Days - That is the average number of days of sunshine here in Yorba Linda.

  • 5:00am-1:30pm - These are the hour our employees work and where we use the most electricity. These are also the coolest hours in Southern California and have the lowest demand on utility companies and lower rates for the power we must buy.

  • 4:00pm-8:00pm - Depending on the time of the year, these are the times we are generating clean electricity and dumping it into the grid reducing the areas need for non-alternative energy sources. It also spins our meter backwards giving us credits. We can this a win/win.